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Farm Pest Control

Rodent Protection Service

farm-pest-controlRodents are intelligent and social animals. It is quite easy for an infestation to build up without you ever seeing it because of rodents’ nocturnal habits. If you do see rodents during the day, there is most likely a sizable infestation.


The best protection against rodents for your farm is the Bug Blaster Rodent Protection service. This monthly maintenance program will give your farm the best protection, providing a rodent management program that focuses on using a systematic approach to minimizing rodent activity. This monthly service begins with an inspection of your premises, inside and out, to find signs of rodents.

Farm Pest & Rodent Control

This inspection serves three useful functions:

  1. Identifying the rodent species involved
  2. Determining the severity and location of the problem
  3. Identifying areas for sanitation and rodent proofing

Farm Management

The next step is to implement control measures, which is typically done through baiting. Bait stations will be strategically and safely placed to eliminate your current rodent problems while guarding against re-infestation.


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